For Partners

We are looking a new partners

We are looking a new partners and sellers to expand our global sales network.

For Travel Agents

We offer travel agencies and individuals to support and co-operation in implementing their products in Thailand. We provide all kinds of tours - holiday stay, sightseeing tours, educational, special, etc.

For companies and businessman

For companies and businessman we prepare business tours and products for specific purposes. Our specialties are: banking and insurance, health care, massage, cosmetics, jewelery, agriculture, food, environmental, automotive, construction, etc. We will prepare a tour with professional part in any discipline. Popular are trips to numerous international fairs and exhibitions.

Sales support

We will prepare to the accompanying texts and brochures for all products and destinations.


Materials for download:

Company Registration (pdf)

Travel Agency Licence (pdf)

Association of Thai Travel Agents (pdf)

Office of Tourism Development (pdf)

Map - office (pdf)

Google Maps - on line map