Tailor made tours

We will prepare a holiday to your exact requirements and recommend the most appropriate destination. All products mentioned in the list of tours can freely modify and extend or shorten.


We ensure you stay in any hotel in Thailand and other destinations (Cambodia, Myanmar, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Laos). We will recommend you with excellent local knowledge of the best type of accommodation. In our overview lists those that we recommend and whose level of our employees is checked several times a year.


In all countries and destinations we provide individual and group transfers according to your wishes and the best price. We also recommend the best means of transport (minibus, bus, train, ship, plane) and the regular lines we provide tickets. We find you the most affordable tickets on domestic flights.

Visa service

We provide visas to neighboring countries and an extension or a new Thai visa. Especially for long stays to be valid visa due attention, because Thai authorities proceed very strictly.

Legal and business services

Consultation and assistance in establishing a company in Thailand. Dealing with the effective legislation, work permit. Thailand has a specific legal system and orientation it is difficult for foreigners. Mode opening of the company and the tax system is very different, but investors around the world are scrambling to penetrate the local market. Attracted by cheap labor and vast range of business opportunities.

Other Services

- Assistance during business meetings
- Translation and interpreting services
- Discreet service
- Wedding in Thailand and arranging all legislation

Sale and rental properties

Our travel agency, although not directly address the sale of real estate, but we can help you ensure a safe purchase, sale and rental of apartment, house, hotel or office. We will recommend quality THAI estate agency and renowned lawyers.

You will avoid common scams.


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