Travel agreement and general conditions
participate in tours and services of Thajsko Travel

THAJSKO TRAVEL Co.Ltd. (hereinafter: the travel agency or agency)

Registered Office: 209/119 Moo 6, Phaniad Chang Road., Pattaya, Na Kluea, Banglamung, Chonburi, 20150, Thailand, is a legal person under Thai law and provides business and provides all catering services, accommodation and transport, including additional services for Thai and foreign entities.

1. Establishment of contractual Relationship

1.1. The contractual relationship between the travel agency Thajsko Travel and the customer (or his representative final) arises from the travel contract and confirmed order payment of full cost of services. Order confirmation means a mutually agreed program with a price. The payment is the date when the entire amount is credited to the account of Thajsko Travel or when it was paid in cash. When paying the bill into Thai banks are usually time from payment after payment about one week.

2. Prices of services

2.1. Prices of tours and services are negotiated agreement between agency and the customer. Includes all services (accommodation, transfers, guide, entrance fees, etc.) according to the product specifications or customer requirements confirmed.
2.2. Prices are always set in U.S. dollars (or after agreement in another currency).
2.3. In the event of a change in exchange rate (U.S. dollar, euro and Thai baht) used for the determination of the tour price by more than 10% of the travel agency is entitled to 21 days prior to departure to increase the price of the trip and to require additional payment.

3. Payment Terms

3.1. Agency Thajsko Travel has the right to pay for these services prior to their provision.
3.2. Travel agency is authorized to require a deposit of 50% of the total price of the trip (including optional services). This deposit is due upon ordering or tour services.
3.3. Additional payment (full payment) must be paid by bank transfer to Thai banks so that no later than 21 days prior to departure was credited to the account travel agency Thajsko Travel.
3.4. In the event of non-payment date of tour price by the customer, is travel agency Thajsko Travel authorized to cancel tour without further notification. The customer pays the costs associated with the cancellation of travel (cancellation fee).
3.5. The customer shall be entitled to provide services only when full payment of the tour price.

4. The rights and obligations of the customer

The basic rights of the customer are:
a) right to proper provision of confirmed services. If no fault of the travel agency Thajsko Travel agreed service does not run, does not have the right to compensation.
b) The right to additional information not mentioned in the program
c) the right to be informed of changes in travel range of services and prices
d) to cancel his participation in the tour at any time before the commencement of the service termination of the contract as provided for in Article 6 (cancellation policy)
e) the right to written notice to travel agents, tour to attend in his place another person in the event that the notice is a declaration of the new customer that agrees with the travel contract and meets all the requirements to participate in the tour. Original and new customer jointly and severally liable for payment of the cost of travel and fees associated with rebooking according to Article 6


The basic rights of the customer are:
a) provide a travel agent Thajsko Travel cooperation , which is necessary for the proper provision of the services , in particular, completely and truthfully bring out all the data and present the documents required for travel agencies to ensure tour.
b) ensuring that persons under 15 years accompanied and supervised by an adult participant during the trip, ensuring appropriate accompaniment and supervision of persons whose medical condition requires
c) to pay for the trip in accordance with Article 2 of these conditions and demonstrate proof of payment
d) assume a travel agent Thajsko Travel documents needed for the services (tickets, vouchers, travel guidelines) duly checked them and obey them
e) to attend at a specified time on a specified meeting point of all documents required by the travel instructions
f ) respect of passport, customs, health and other regulations of the country you are visiting. Foreign nationals are required to inform the visa at the consulate of the countries they travel. All costs resulting from non ktoto provision borne by the customer.
g) to pay the agreed price of the trip in terms of the instructions Thajsko Travel travel agencies and tour to follow instructions and oral instructions agent of agency
h) any defects or deviations from these services without delay immediately after securing in place to notify in writing travel agents and provide necessary assistance for their removal
i) to refrain from acts that could threaten, damage , limit or repel other tour participants
j) pay any damage caused by a vehicle or accommodation and other facilities where he drew services provided by the travel contract.

5. Changes the agreed services and their legal consequences interference tour

5.1. Changes and variations of travel agency services from the agreed content of the contract are permitted where necessary . In particular, changes in mode of transport, airline, aircraft type , route and date of event . program during cognitive tour .
5.2. Travel agency is not liable for any delays and draws attention to the possibility of technical reasons , due to inclement weather , etc. Passengers must when planning connections, holiday , business terms, etc. take into account the possibility of significant delays Travel Agent shall not be liable for any damages that may passengers escape due to the delay . If there is no delay to the passenger the right to withdraw from the contract.
5.3. Travel agency reserves the right to cancel the tour if not a minimum number of participants indicated for each tour . Travel agency is authorized in this case, cancel the trip at the latest 14 days prior to departure and at the same time , the travel agency shall inform its customer.
5.4. Travel agency is authorized to make operational changes to the program and services provided during the tour if there are serious reasons it is not possible to provide initially agreed program and services followed. In this case, the travel agency shall:
- Provide an alternative program and service quality and scope as possible identical or similar to the original conditions , respectively corresponding to the orientation tour
- Return to the customer the full cost of services that were not provided for indemnification
- Give the customer a discount on the price of services that were included in the package price and not provided a full and quality. If the travel agency provides alternative services on the same scale (eg accommodation in another hotel of the same or higher category) , further claims of the customer against the travel agency excluded.
5.5. Travel agency reserves the right to change the material and the time schedule due to force majeure , due to decisions of state authorities or exceptional circumstances ( uncertain security situation , strikes, transportation problems , accidents and other circumstances that could affect the travel agency or predict) . In these cases, the customer has the right to obtain discounts on the price of the trip or to withdraw from the contract. For sightseeing tours draw attention to certain restrictions, historic , religious and other sites on the national, religious holidays or celebrations at the residence .
5.6. The tours organized by travel agency Thajsko Travel is the first and last day designed primarily for transportation, transfers and accommodation are not considered full holiday stay. In this sense, it can not therefore claim possibly abbreviated stay.
5.7. In the event that on the basis of overbooking the hotel must accommodate the customer in another hotel , will take place at the hotel the same or higher category. Overbooking can be a part of the stay. Other claims against the travel agency are excluded.
5.8. If the customer fails or misses departure , the travel agency is entitled to full payment of the tour price .

6. The withdrawal from the contract, cancellation fee

6.1. The customer has the right to terminate the contract and refund of the price paid or deposit for the trip without any cancellation fee when canceling by a travel agent
6.2. Unless of a withdrawal from the contract breach agency established by contract or resign if agency before using the services of a breach of duties by the customer, the customer is obliged to pay compensation in the amount of agency:
50% of the total tour price until 21 the day before departure
75% of the total price of the tour from the 20th of the 4th the day before departure
100% of total package price of 3 the day before departure and if the customer cancels the trip departure date, fails to departure or departure misses.
6.3. Agency has the right to deduct compensation payment from backup or price paid.
6.4. Travel agency may withdraw before departure with immediate effect the contract or after the commencement of ways to terminate the contract in the following cases :
a) immediately when a passenger seriously affects the course of the journey or stay. A passenger in this case is not entitled to a refund aliquots prices of services that have not been released, and the customer is obliged to pay the travel agency costs associated with return shipping .
b) Within two weeks before the date of departure, if the realization of the trip is for a travel agency economically unsustainable , because the costs of the trip far exceed the costs planned. The customer is immediately informed and offered a change of program / ​​booking.
c) no time-limit - immediately due to the higher power. ie the cause of the travel agent could not prevent despite all efforts . The Agency has the right to reimbursement of services provided so far . In the event of interrupted travel for reasons of force majeure, the tour operator shall take all measures to convey passengers back . Additional costs associated with it then carry both sides equally.
6.5. Other provisions:
Predetermined price is the selling price including all participants purchased optional services. Predetermined price does not include special discounts provided by the agency.
6.6. Actually incurred costs mean operating costs and agency contracted or statutory compensation for domestic and foreign service suppliers.
6.7. In determining the number of days to calculate severance pay to a specified number of days counted as the date on which the effects of withdrawal. The number of days does not include the day of departure to the appropriate tour, stay, etc.
6.8. Additionally rebooking on the customer
In case of change of name of the passenger or at the same destination (if this is possible) fee charged by agency:
- The confirmation of registration 15 the day before departure 100, - USD
- 14 the day before departure to be treated as a change in booking your trip cancellation and proceed according to the specified cancellation policy. Changing the date of departure and the destination is always treated as a cancellation of the original order and the new record keeping.

7. Complaints, liability for damages

If the scope or quality of services is lower than previously acknowledged in the travel contract , the customer is entitled to claim . His The complaint must be filed with your travel agent in writing without undue delay, within 14 days after the end of the tour. After this period, the customer may claim only if the failure to comply with this deadline was not his fault, but no later than three months from the date of the tour was completed , otherwise the right to claim expires. When a failure occurs in the implementation of the Client shall provide the y direction to the event . prevent damage or to minimize it . The Client shall all reservations communicate in writing at the point of guides - Delegates travel agencies, or any other responsible person , to be carried out on the spot. If the customer fails to own the blame for the lack of point , is not entitled to a discount . If the defect can not be remedied, the guide - delegate travel agencies or other responsible person with a customer complaint report . In case it is not necessary to resolve the complaint on the ground , signs delegate / guide customer acceptance complaint record . This confirmed the complaint protocol , the customer is required to submit a claim. The customer is obliged to provide any assistance necessary to settle the claim. The belated and unsubstantiated claims will be considered. Travel agency takes no responsibility for services for the actions that a customer orders on-site guide, hotel or other organization. The subject of the complaint are not considered damage and property damage incurred by the client which are subject to contractual adjustments insurance coverage under an insurance contract a travel insurance for travel and subsistence , or such harm and property damage, which are the scope of insurance coverage expressly excluded .
If circumstances whose origin, course and consequences are dependent on the activities and progress travel agency ( vis major) or the circumstances of the customer , based on where the customer does not fully use the paid service travel agency secured , the customer entitled to reimbursement or discount on the price of these services. The amount of damages for the liabilities of the travel contract , concerning air transport is governed by the provisions of international agreements. Travel agency is not liable for damage or losses caused by the customer , by a third party who is not connected with the package , or unavoidable events that could not have been avoided even if all reasonable efforts that may be required .

8. Travel insurance of customers

The price of the catalog of tours Travel insurance is not included, such as insurance, medical expenses abroad. Insurance is the only air carrier. For damage or loss of luggage during air transport assumes all responsibility airline. This responsibility is usually limited to about 20, - USD per kilogram. Travel agency is not liable for damage caused during transport abroad. We strongly appeal to conclude a minimum coverage of medical expenses abroad at some of the known travel insurance companies. For trips with higher price levels advised to take out optional insurance such as the European Travel Insurance that covers trip cancellation - cancellation, death, permanent disability, liability for damages to health and property, baggage, trip interruption.

9. Other conditions

9.1. Service and Support
The level and speed of service provided by the staff of hotels and other accommodation facilities are based on local customs and mentality of the population. Therefore, it is often necessary to count with less experience and a certain glamor, but on the other hand, often with a very friendly and pleasant attitude.
9.2. Hygiene
Cultural hygiene habits in Asian countries other than domestic, local sanitary regulations are much more tolerant. The same applies to the regulations in relation to the environment.
9.3. Accommodation
Provided accommodation services conform to the catalog. Periods before and after high season brings, in addition advantageous prices and the fact that some facilities (bars, discos , etc. ) are not in operation. In case of overbooking , which in all tourist areas occasionally occurs you in accommodation the same or higher category. The differences are in the categorization of hotels between various destinations , as well as a comfortable hotel rooms are usually simply furnished. Equipment size and location of rooms ( even the same category) are not always the same. Allocation of rooms is always part of the hotel and travel agency it has no effect . Single rooms , although a surcharge may not be completely identical to double rooms. In some hotels for Triple considered a double room with an extra bed. Extra bed can be a sofa , sofa bed, bunk or couchette. According to international conventions , guests must leave the room on the day of departure until 12.00 hours (in some cases longer than 10.00 hours) , the possibility of moving in on the day of arrival after 14 hour. Early arrival or late departure justify the prolonged use of the room.
9.4. Food and Beverage
In some hotels outside the Asian serves a continental breakfast that includes coffee or tea, bread, butter and jam. Drinks with meals are not included in the price, unless expressly stated otherwise.
9.5. Tipping
In most Asian countries is expected to tips. Not required, but it usually makes for a good service porter and chambermaids (about 1,- USD), restaurants (up to 10% of the amount charged) and guides (approx. 10,- USD per person per day).

10. Final provisions

The validity of these conditions apply to services provided by the travel agency only if it is not a travel agency established or before the agreed scope of mutual rights and obligations otherwise, always writing.

Customers confirm by the acceptance and payment of the invoice or agreeing to a program when ordering through the Internet that are known Policies them, understand them and agree to them in full is received.


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